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Barrier Kerb BK1
Barrier Kerb BK2
Barrier Kerb BK4
Bell Toby
Black Heath Pole Arm
Braai Unit
Bubble Block
Bus Shelter (Arched)
Bus Shelter (Upright)
Cable Cover
Canal Liner Block
Carriage Way Crossing Slab
Channel C1
Channel C2
Channel C3
Channel C4
Cladding Block
Combination Kerb CK1
Combination Kerb CK4
Combination Kerb CK5
Combination Kerb CK6
Combination Kerb CK7
Ditch Liner (Trapezoidal Channel)
Edging E1
Edging E3
Embankment Chute
Exposed Interlocking Road Stones
Exposed Paving Bricks
Exposed Paving Slabs
Grass Block/Hard Lawn
Gulley Grid & Frame
Hydrant & Valve Markers
Inlet Kerb 1000
Inlet Kerb 2000
Inlet Kerb CK5
Interlocking Road Stones
Lighting & Transmission Poles 4.5m-9.2m
Manhole Base

Manhole Cover & Frame 675 (ETS)
Manhole Cover
Manhole Ring 250 x 700Ø
Manhole Ring 250 x 1000Ø

Manhole Ring 500 x 700Ø
Manhole Ring 500 x 1000Ø
Manhole Ring 750 x 700Ø
Manhole Ring 750 x 1000Ø
Mossel Bay Pole Arm
Mountable Kerb MK1
Mountable Kerb MK2
Mountable Kerb MK4
Mountable Kerb MK5
Mountable Kerb MK7
Mountable Kerb MK8
Mountable Kerb MK9
Mountable Kerb MK10
Name Kerb
New Jersey Barrier 2000
New Jersey Barrier 3000
Palisade Fence
Parow Slab
Paving Bricks
Paving Slabs plain 450 x 450
Paving Slabs 600 x 600
Paving Slabs Vastrap
Pyramid Marker
RC Gulley
Ready Fence Block
Retaining Block
Slam Block
Stellenbosch Pole Arm
Stone Creations
Toilet Cubicle
Transition Kerb
Trapezoidal Base
Trapezoidal Channel (Ditch Liner)
Tree Surround
Village Pavers
Wash Trough
Water Bend
Water Canal
Water Channel W1
Water Channel W2
Water Channel W3
Water Channel W4
Water Channel Stop End
Winblok Blocks
Winblok Vents
Zeus Concrete Post

The company will consider producing non-standard precast concrete products
to customer specifications, subject to provisos, and invites requests in this regard.


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