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Cape Concrete was founded by R A M Louw in 1932 as a supplier of cement, sand and stone plus a limited range of precast concrete products.

The company grew steadily during and after the war years, expanding into sand mining in 1952. It acquired African Spun Concrete in 1969, adding heavier precasts for use in the civil engineering industry to its growing range of products.

The company has kept pace with new technologies, methods and equipment in the face of demands for products of high standard. Still controlled by the Louw family, Cape Concrete ranks today as a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior precast concrete products to the construction and civil-engineering industries and municipal authorities in the Western Cape Province, and farther afield.

Its range of products is believed to be the biggest of its kind in South Africa. The range is topped by kerbstones, pipes, lamp poles and manholes. It extends to toilet housings, slabs, bridge beams and balustrades, masts, gulley grids, window systems, interlocking roadstones, hazardous waste containers and prefabricated garages, among other products.

The company also supplies the domestic market and builders with a range of simulated stone products for the beautification of homes, through its STONE Creations division.

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